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Watch this! It’s funny!

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When your 21 year old son comes home for the holidays with his 2 year old Pit Bull… Your beautiful Christmas tree ornaments become victims!

This is the SnapChat I sent my family and friends this morning. I decided to share it on Skintastic’s Facebook page because there’s a great message to it after all!

Life isn’t perfect! My “perfect” Christmas Tree… with my “perfect” Christmas Angel is no longer “perfect” at all. But, it’s those imperfections that make life REAL!

It’s hard sometimes admittedly but I really do try to embrace and accept the imperfections that make my life unique and special! Bella is one of my all time favorite dogs; she’s an absolute doll.

Life is GOOD! 😍 ***Be sure to turn your volume up. Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust is so fitting! And I love that Bella herself is right there beside me as well as my two tiny morkies!

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