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PRF vs. PRP: Dr.Brooks’ verdict

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Dr. Brooks our Medical Director knows PRF is superior to PRP ! Here’s why:

PRF is 100% natural. PRP is not. It has an additive.

PRF is spun slower keeping delicate nutrients in tact! PRP is spun very fast destroying much of the delicate serum.

PRF is active for up to 14 days allowing your body a long time to utilize the benefits of this healing serum. PRP is only active for just a few hours after the injection.

PRF has fibrin, an important piece of the rebuilding of collagen and elastin. PRP doesn’t not have fibrin.

This is why most doctors and plastic surgeons choose PRF over PRP! Always ask for the very best. Always ask for PRF! We are your PRF LEADER! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! 
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