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Is your BOTOX really BOTOX?

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Did you know Points = COUPONS & SAVINGS? And is the Botox you’re getting REALLY Botox?

Did you know Points = COUPONS & SAVINGS? And is the Botox you’re getting
REALLY Botox???
We are still always amazed when we tell our patients about the reward programs
that both Allergan and Galderma offer and their response back to us is, “I’ve NEVER
heard about these programs before!” This actually happens quite often and because
of this I was inspired to write a quick blog to help educate people about how they
can earn points, save money and MOST importantly know that they are getting
legitimate products! Allergan… the makers of Botox, Juvederm, Latisse and Skin
Medica products have a program called Brilliant Distinctions and it’s easy for
patients to go online and set up an account. Once you have an account, every time
you purchase any of the Allergan family of products you should receive points. As
you accumulate points, you can then redeem those points as coupons towards your
next Allergan purchase. 200 points equals a $20 coupon. But wait…. Let’s get to the
part about Botox being REAL BOTOX! It’s great to save money but I tell our patients
all the time that the BEST part of this program is the safety net that it creates for
them. ONLY offices that are buying their Botox directly from Allergan can issue
points and redeem coupons. Every Botox vial has important lot numbers on it that
we use to issue those points with. The exact same thing applies to the
pharmaceutical company Galderma! Galderma makes Dysport, Restylane and
Sculptra. And again… ONLY offices buying real products from Galderma with those
special lot numbers can issue points and then redeem coupons. Galderma’s reward
program is called Aspire Rewards and it’s very easy to set up an account online.
Don’t really like having to deal with all of that? No problem! We help our patients all
the time with setting up and managing their accounts. So we will always be happy to
help you with this. So…. No matter where you end up choosing to go to have your
Botox or Dysport treatment, ALWAYS ask for those points to ensure that you are
REALLY getting true BOTOX or DYSPORT and not a product manufactured overseas
that may not be safe or effective! Ps… Always ask for points when you get ANY of the
Allergan or Galderma products not just Botox and Dysport. It was easier in the blog
to talk about just those 2 products but the same thing applies to all the products!

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