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LED Lights: Healing and Rejuvenation!

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Led lights: healing and rejuvenation! 1

Patients love hearing this story! Janie’s son, Nate, won 1st Place at the District Science Fair back in 2012 when he was in 8th grade at Challenger Middle School! (Mrs. Jung is an amazing science teacher btw) He planted 6 lima bean seeds. 3 were the control group and got no extra attention! The other 3 were exposed to just 15 minutes of red LED light therapy daily! Those 3 seeds sprouted much quicker! They grew taller with stronger stems and greener leaves! It was quite impressive and interesting!!! LED lights are regenerative and healing! This patient got a complimentary LED mask while she was having her laser hair removal treatment on her legs! We’ve been using LED lights for many years! Be sure to ask for your free treatment! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE!


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