Jessica: Galderma National Trainer!

Jessica: Galderma National Trainer! 3


See this lady right here??? She’s been selected and invited to become a GALDERMA NATIONAL TRAINER!

Janie has been singing Jessica’s praises for over a year now! When Jessica joined Skintastic back in September of 2017, she was a very experienced injector! She had extensive knowledge with the use of cannulas (a very advanced technique) and was fully trained with every dermal filler on the market, including Sculptra- the semipermanent filler! Over this past year she has attended elite trainings and has become a Master Cosmetic Injector, fully certified even with PDO Nova Threads! She can inject anything anywhere on the body! Incredible!

Well, Janie is her #1 fan and has been a real catalyst in the growth and pursuit of wanting more for her this past year! So, Janie talked with David and Dan with Galderma about considering her for one of their trainer positions! After lengthy conversations and several “trial” sessions… David and Dan agreed wholeheartedly that she was an amazing injector and would bring so much quality experience to their company! We are all so excited and happy for her! She really deserves this and will be even more amazing (if that’s even possible) at what is truly her passion! 💖

Jessica Manges, ARNP + Master Cosmetic Injector + Now a Galderma National Trainer! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! Call today for your Free consultation with one of the VERY BEST and ELITE Trainers in this industry! 352 610 9900

⭐️ Note: Here she is concentrating on a Barbed Nova Thread procedure

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