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Honey Crisp Apple Facial

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Honey crisp apple facial

Back from last year by popular demand, and because September is all about apples, we are excited to offer you this limited seasonal facial! Enjoy this natural defense and immune-boosting facial, which includes delightful fall aromas, with our Black Bee & Apple duo set, which captures the antioxidant benefits of apples and the microflora benefits of our Black BeeOme! The skin’s microbiome is a complex community of microorganisms that function together with the immune system to defend against pathogens and maintain skin health. Our Black BeeOme honey ferment helps to restore the skin’s natural microflora and skin barrier. The Apple Orchard Enzyme is high in vitamin C and contains potent antioxidants as well as naturally occurring malic acid (AHA) to assist in gentle exfoliation.

🍯 Gentle Wash
🍎 Apple Orchard Enzyme with Steam
🍯 Neck and Shoulder Massage
🍎 Warm Towels
🍯 Microdermabrasion
🍎 Light Extractions
🍯 Golden Caramel Mask
🍎 Signature Hand Treatment with Apple Body Butter
⭐️ Finish with moisturizing serums and SPF
👉🏻 Only $90


Come experience the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! 352 610 9900 {{ While supplies last }}

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