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Derrick Rushnell… Our Handyman!

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Meet our Handyman, CFO and BUILDER… Derrick Rushnell

Derrick received his undergraduate degree from FSU in 1986! He then went on to earn his MBA from Pepperdine University out in California in Strategic Planning & Finance! In addition to his MBA, he has extensive coursework in the field of law. He worked in Corporate Finance with First Union National Bank in their Capital Markets and was involved in mergers and acquisitions! Later he acquired a small company and built it up to 110 employees and then sold it. Janie always says there is no one more entrepreneurial than him!

We feel so lucky to have him! He’s always willing to help out with little handyman jobs around Skintastic, he’s totally in charge of managing all of the financial decisions and he is an outstanding builder! Look at the progress he’s accomplished in just a short period of time with our new building!

Your forever Med Spa is coming along nicely! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE!

(352)-610-9900 ☺️

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